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Make your farm ownership dreams a reality

18 June 2021 | 3 min read
By Sam Marwood (CEO, Cultivate Farms)

Owning your own farm can be hard but letting your dreams of farm ownership slip away can be even harder on you in the long run.  

Cultivate Farms is a social enterprise that enables aspiring farmers to own and operate a farm by matching them with retiring farmers and investors. 

And if there’s one thing they've learnt after five years of working with hopeful farmers, often the thing standing between you and your dream farm is you. 

But I don’t have a farm to inherit! Or a deposit for a loan! And what about access to capital?!  

Not everyone is lucky enough to inherit a farm, and of course debt will always be a part of farm ownership. But starting out faced with a multi-million dollar loan is a daunting prospect, especially if you’re relying on a standard farm wage to back you.  

It’s not an impossible feat though – you just have to think like any other entrepreneur, which means having a plan and a team, tenacity and persistence.  

Ok, that all sounds great… but… why?  

The best way to get your foot in the door and make your dreams happen is to either partner with a retiring farmer to share ownership, or convince someone to invest in your business plan.  

And like the Sharks from the hit TV show, Shark Tank, there are investors out there who could and would partner with you to own or scale your farm – only they don’t know you exist!  

That’s where Cultivate Farms comes in by helping you find your inner entrepreneur and preparing your business plan so you can find your perfect farm match to own and operate together.   

Cultivate your own future  

Through its Cultivator program, Cultivate Farms empowers aspiring farm owners to develop their investment proposal, gives them the skills and confidence to go after what they want and introduces them to a network of investors.  

Weekly webinars guide participants through the development of their own farm pitch to unlock investment and co-ownership opportunities by giving them the confidence that they are backable.  

Armed with a water-tight pitch, aspiring farm owners can build their networks and start conversations with the people they need to help realise their dreams – investors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and family.  

With time, persistence and confidence, they will uncover people who will back them into farm ownership.  So if you have aspirations to own your own farm, don’t sit around hoping that one day your dream might come true.   

Farm ownership is possible – but it’s up to YOU to make it happen.  

For more farm ownership inspiration, check out our episode of ‘Beyond the Farm Gate’ with Cultivate Farm’s Sam Marwood or visit 

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