Internet Banking

Banking in person

Branch Network

Rural Bank is proud to offer its products and services through one of Australia's largest networks of branches and distribution partners:

Bendigo Bank and Community Bank® branches

Rural Bank’s range of specialist farm finance products are available through Bendigo Bank and Community Bank® branches nationally.

Our team of Rural Bank and Bendigo Bank Relationship Managers is spread across regional and rural Australia within the Bendigo Bank branch network. Our Relationship Managers are committed to providing specialist advice and support to farming customers. Rural Bank customers can also transact over the counter at selected Bendigo Bank branches.

Elders branches

The full range of Rural Bank products and services are available at more than 220 Elders Rural Services branches across rural and regional Australia. Elders branch staff can assist you with your savings and investment needs, account queries, cards and cheque books. Dedicated Agri Finance Managers are also available for specialist farm finance advice and on-farm service.

Australia Post - Bank@Post™

You can access your Rural Bank accounts at over 2,500 Australia Post outlets across the country, including 1,300 in rural and regional locations. Simply swipe your Rural Bank Visa debit card and enter your PIN to:

  • deposit and withdraw cash (withdrawal limits may apply)
  • check your account balance
  • pay bills

Locate your nearest Bank@Post™ Australia Post outlet.


You can use your Rural Bank Visa debit card and PIN at any Bendigo Bank shared ATM free of charge.

Using an ATM you can:

  • make withdrawals
  • obtain account balances
  • transfer funds between linked accounts
  • deposit cash and cheques (at selected ATMs only)
  • change your PIN (at selected ATMs only)
  • Your Rural Bank Visa debit card is also accepted at any ATM within Australia or overseas displaying the Visa symbol (please note a fee may apply).

Locate your nearest ATM.


EFTPOS is a convenient way to pay for your purchases without carrying cash. You can use your Rural Bank Visa debit card and PIN at any location displaying the EFTPOS symbol around Australia. You may also be able to withdraw additional cash when making your payments – please note that some retailers may limit the amount of cash you can withdraw.

Visa® payWave

Rural Bank has commenced issuing Visa debit cards with Visa payWave which is a fast and secure way to pay for purchases under $100. With a simple wave of your Rural Bank Visa debit card, you can speed through the checkout and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

How to use Visa® payWave

You can use your Rural Bank Visa debit card with Visa® payWave wherever you notice the payWave or the contactless logos. It's fast and simple.

  1. When the terminal prompts you, tap your card against the reader where the contactless symbol appears. There is no need to dip or swipe your card.
  2. Wait a few seconds until the terminal responds by illuminating four green lights and beeping>. You will not be required to enter your PIN or sign for the transaction. 
    Paywave logo
  3. It's as simple as that, once approved, take your purchase and be on your way!

Why use Visa® payWave?

Fast and convenient – don't be caught out fumbling for cash again. Perfect for small purchases and helping to reduce queue times, a Visa® payWave transaction takes just seconds before you can be on your way.

Simple to use – with one simple tap and no need to enter a PIN or sign for transactions under $100, you'll be amazed at how easy a Visa® payWave transaction is.

Secure, in your own hands - Your card remains in your possession throughout the transaction, keeping you in control and reducing your chances of fraud.

Where can I use Visa® payWave?

You can use your Rural Bank Visa® payWave debit card wherever you notice the payWave or contactless logos.

Paywave logo

Visa® payWave is widely accepted at thousands of retailers, so look out for it at fast food restaurants, cafés, petrol stations, convenience stores, supermarkets and more.

View Visa® payWave locations close to you.

More and more merchants are excited to introduce contactless terminals into their stores to increase speed and efficiency for their customers.

Move to PIN

For several years, cardholders have had the choice to either sign or enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authorise purchases when using their debit cards at Point-of-Sale terminals. Beginning 1 August 2014, Australia will be phasing out signature as an option when paying for purchases and the following FAQs have been developed to assist you with any queries you may have regarding this change.

Alternatively, the PINWise website, developed by a collective of Australia’s financial institutions and card schemes such as Visa and MasterCard provides comprehensive information covering this industry wide initiative.

Making it easier for you to make the switch from signature to PIN at point-of-sale.
The following has been provided to answer many of the questions you may have about the payment card industry’s decision to phase out signatures for point-of-sale transactions from 1 August 2014.

Why make the switch to PIN?

This change is a national bid by the PINwise Industry Security Initiative to make Australia’s payment system even safer. PIN usage helps to protect cardholders against fraud as a result of lost or stolen cards because the fraudster would need to have both the card and the PIN to access funds.

Also, using a PIN to authorise point-of-sale transactions via your Rural Bank Visa Debit card is also generally faster than signing, reducing unnecessary time at the cashier.

From what date will a PIN be required to authorise point-of-sale transactions?

From 1 August 2014, you may be asked to enter your PIN to authorise a point-of-sale transaction instead of being able to sign.

It is important for Rural Bank cardholders to ensure they are familiar with the PIN for their debit cards in the lead up to 1 August 2014. If you don’t enter or can’t remember your PIN, the transaction may be declined.

Is this change supported by Rural Bank?

Yes, Rural Bank supports this move, as PIN is a safe and secure method to authorise point-of-sale transactions. Key industry bodies, including the Australian Retailers Association and Australian Issuing Banks are also supporting the change.

Will this have any impact to contactless transactions (i.e. payWave)?

This change will have no impact on contactless transactions. When contactless is used for any transaction under the value of $100, there is no need for you to use your PIN.

Will this have any change to purchases made by overseas cardholders?

As this change applies to Australian issuers and retailers and is not necessarily consistent with payment card industries in other regions around the world, visitors from overseas will still be able to sign to authorise point-of-sale transactions with Australian retailers.

Will PIN-only ‘credit’ transactions at point-of-sale mean customers will be limited to $1,000 per day (as per EFTPOS)?

No, as long as the customer selects the ‘Credit’ option when using their Rural Bank Visa Debit Card, there will be no dollar value restrictions placed on the transaction amount. If the customer selects ‘Savings’ (i.e. EFTPOS) at the point-of-sale, the $1,000 daily limit will continue to apply.

In what situations will I not be required to use a PIN?

A PIN will not be required for transactions authorised over the Internet, by phone or mail. There are no circumstances when you will be required to reveal your PIN when completing a purchase via Internet, phone or mail. For these purchases, you will be asked to provide your card details and the security number (CVV) on the reverse of the card. It is important to remember that the security number or CVV is not your PIN nor should you use the CVV numbers as your PIN.

What if I have difficulty using a PIN when making purchases?

Should you have concerns regarding the removal of signature on your existing Rural Bank Visa Debit Card, please contact phone us on 1300 660 115 to discuss alternative card options to support your needs.