Internet Banking

Classic Internet Banking

Classic Internet Banking is no longer available

Rural Bank introduced a new internet banking platform last year. The new interface makes it faster and easier for you to complete your transactions online. As part of Rural Bank’s future focused strategy, our new Internet Banking is more capable of adapting to advances in technology and more flexible than our old Internet Banking (Classic Internet Banking).

The new Internet Banking lets you do all the things you could do in Classic Internet Banking, with some additional features, such as emailing receipts and changing your personal details.

It also offers a consistent experience on your computer, tablet, and phone.

We’re confident you’ll find the new platform easy to use, but if you need any help to find your way around you can view our frequently asked questions or contact our customer service team on 1300 660 115.

What's the difference between Classic and the new Internet Banking?

Some of the key features that you will notice that look different are:

Seven tips to help you get the most out of our new Internet Banking

1. Hide your account charts

  • Choose COG in the top right corner of the screen, to access the 'Account Settings' page
  • Choose 'Hide/show charts' (last option)
  • Untick the accounts that you do not want to see the charts for
  • Choose 'Save'.

2. Customise your 'Accounts' screen

  • Choose Cog in the top right corner of the screen to access 'Accounts Settings' page
  • Follow the prompts to 'Re-order' the position of your accounts, 'Hide/show' accounts entirely, or 'Hide/show' charts on each account and more.

3. Display transactions in compact view

This view increases the number of transactions you can see on your screen and shows deposits, withdrawals and running balance. This is the last question on first page of the frequently asked questions

  • Choose 'Accounts'
  • Choose your account
  • Choose 'Compact' view (large screens only)

4. Approve/decline a payment
If you have a payment to review you will notice a gold badge on the 'Activity' menu

  • Choose 'Activity'
  • Choose 'Actionable'. Any payments needing your attention will be here
  • Choose 'Decline' or 'Approve'.

5. Make a payment

  • Choose 'Move Money'
  • Choose your payment type
  • Follow the prompts
    • PayAnyone is enhanced in the new system: to speed up this process, you can now use one of your past three tranctions as the amount and reference by clicking on past payments.
    • BPAY display is slighty different to Classic: view discription of these changes here.

6. Find a transaction

  • Choose 'Accounts'
  • Choose the account with the transaction you're looking for
  • Choose 'Filter' (just above where your transaction list starts)
  • Complete and apply your filters.

7. Access your e-statements

  • Choose your account
  • Choose 'Statements'
  • Choose the statement you'd like to view

Is there anything customers can’t do in the new Internet Banking?

There are some features that our customers were rarely using within Classic Internet Banking that aren't available in the new system. However, you will be able to still get the information you need, you will just have a different way to do this:

  • Cheque book ordering: This feature is rarely used and customers can order cheque books by contacting the Customer Service Team: 1300 660 115
  • Faxing statements: Customers can view their statements by accessing E-Statements within Internet Banking
  • Ability to order a token: Our more convenient free e-token will make it easier to transact online, or you can contact the Rural Bank Customer Service Team (1300 660 115) for a physical token.

For more information you can view our frequently asked questions or contact our customer service team on 1300 660 115.