Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking allows you to manage your accounts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To find out more, click on the headings below.

Existing Internet Banking users can log in via the button at the top right of this page.


Take advantage of the following Internet Banking services:

  • Check your loan and deposit account balances
  • Transfer funds between transactional accounts
  • Pay bills via BPAY®
  • Check your payments history
  • Change your Internet Banking PIN
  • View and print account transactions
  • Schedule one-off or regular transfers or payments in advance
  • Transfer funds to accounts held with other financial institutions (Security token required)
  • Download transactional data to your favourite accounting or spreadsheet program
  • View, print or save e-statements
  • Opt-out or in of receiving paper statements

New users / Register

Registering for Internet and Phone Banking is easy - simply phone 1300 651 839 between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm (EST) weekdays and 10.00 am to 4.00 pm (EST) on weekends.

To ensure security of the registration service, you will be asked for certain authenticity information before being given your Access ID.

For Phone Banking, you will use the same Access ID as internet banking but you will be provided with a different temporary PIN.


Quick link to order or activate a token

We have now made it easier to navigate to the Security Token order and activation screens.

On the Account Balances screen, near the Print and Help hyperlinks, a new Hyperlink will appear which will direct you to either the Token Order or Token Activation screens in a single click.

If the hyperlink is not appearing on your Account Balances screen, simply call Internet and Phone Banking Support on 1300 651 839.

Sharing Payees

For your convenience you can share your Payees with other Internet Banking users by exporting your contacts. This is a simple process that can be completed by following the Importing Contacts Internet Banking Instructions.

Improve Print-friendly Account History printing

Sick of wasting paper when printing your Account History information?

We have improved our Account History printing by ensuring that if you have multiple pages of transactions displayed and you want to print the information using the printer friendly link, all pages will be automatically included in the print selection.

New Account History time frames

Selecting 30 days not giving you the information you want?

We have improved our Account History options by removing the 30 days, and more than 30 days options. The new options are:

  • All days in this month.
  • All days last month.
  • All available history.

This provides you with greater flexibility when choosing the period of information, in which you are interested.

After selecting the Print link you will also have the opportunity to sort the transactions by Most Recent First, or Oldest First. For your convenience this choice will be remembered for that account in the future.

Quicker BPAY® payments

As many BPAY® Billers issue accounts with a fixed Customer Reference Number (CRN) or account number, we have introduced an option that will allow you to make your payments even quicker.

Next time you go to make a payment to a BPAY® Biller with a Fixed CRN, you will have the option to 'Skip' the Verification screen from then on, thus reducing the number of screens you need to go through to complete each payment to that Payee.

For those Payees where you have selected to skip the Verification screen, it will still be possible to return to the Verification screen at any time by selecting the Modify button on the Approval screen.

Request to cancel a cheque

Now you can Request to Cancel a Cheque online.

Select Customer Services and then Request to Cancel a Cheque and enter all required information.

This request will not cancel the cheque immediately because we must confirm that all the details provided are correct and the cheque has not already been presented.

Instant Account History

From the Account Balances screen, simply click on the account name for an instant 14-day history. Account History also has new, rapid one or two-day options.

Available Funds at A Glance

All account drop-down lists will now show how much in available funds you have in each account. No more returning to Account Balance screen each time.

Transaction Download

We've simplified the Transaction Download function to use fewer screens.

Make Payment

  • Add new payees directly from the Make Payment screen. Choose whether to add them permanently to your Payee List.
  • Re-use deleted BPAY® payees in the same manner as Pay Anyone Payees.
  • Deadline for Pay Anyone transactions extended from 2.00pm to 3.30pm.
  • Weekly and Fortnightly Payment/Transfers
  • Schedule Transfers, BPAY® and Pay Anyone transactions to recur weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Set regular payments to end after a Specific Date or Number of Payments.
  • Schedule one-off transactions for up to 12 months in advance.

Name Your Own Accounts

Makes it easy to identify your accounts.

Improved Receipt Printing

Receipts are easier to print and contain more information to help you reconcile your statements.

Security tokens

What is a Security Token?

A Security Token provides a second level of authentication for Rural Bank Internet Banking and is used in conjunction with your Access ID and Password. A Security Token creates a single use Authentication Key, which means it changes every time you use it.

There are two types of Security Tokens available:

  • e-token - a free digital option delivered via a smartphone app;
  • One-touch token - A physical token available to purchase for $25

Why do I need a Security Token?

Like any other form of banking transaction, Rural Bank Internet Banking is a target for criminals.

One method used by criminals is to download a Key Logger virus on to your computer that records your keystrokes, e.g. your banking Access ID and Password, and then transmits them back to the criminals.

Using a Security Token to generate a unique single use Authentication Key improves your Rural Bank Internet Banking security. When a Security Token is activated at logon, even if criminals capture your Access ID and Password, your Rural Bank Internet Banking cannot be accessed without a current authentication key.

What types of Security Tokens are available?

There are two types of Security Tokens available:

  • e-token - a free digital option delivered via a smartphone app;
  • One-touch token - A physical token available to purchase for $25

Can I have an e-token as well as a One-touch physical token?

Each Internet Banking Access ID can only be linked to one Security Token, either an e-token or a One-touch physical token.

Can I share my token?

e-tokens are assigned to a personal device and cannot be shared.

A One-touch physical token can be shared. To arrange this, please call our Internet and Phone Banking team on 1300 651 839.

Remember your individual Access ID and Password details must not be shared.

Which services can I activate my Security Token for?

Your Security Token will already be activated for the Pay Anyone, Bulk Payment and Telegraphic Transfer services if applicable.

The Security Token can also be activated for use at Internet Banking logon and for the BPAY® service.

To change the Security Token option follow the hyperlink to the Activate Token screen and make your selection from the drop down list. Confirm your choice by entering a Security Token generated number in the Authentication Key field, and then select the Activate button.

How do I arrange a free e-token?

An e-token is a free digital option delivered via a smartphone app called the Symantec VIP Access app. The app generates a 6 digit Authentication Key you can enter into e-banking when prompted to provide an Authentication Key.

It’s simple to download and get up and running.

You can download the app from their App store:

App store logo

Contact our Internet and Phone Banking team on 1300 651 839 to activate your e-token.

What devices are compatible with the e-token?

e-tokens are compatible with most current smart phones.

They are widely supported on:

  • iPhone and iPad IOS 4.3 and higher;
  • Android v 2.3.3 and higher;
  • BlackBerry 10.1 and higher;
  • Windows Phone 7.5, 8 and 8.1.

Please contact our Internet and Phone Banking team on 1300 651 839 if you require further information.

I’ve just got an e-token - what do I do with my old physical token?

Please return it to your nearest branch for secure disposal.

How do I use an e-token on a PC/Desktop?

By opening the e-token Symantec VIP Access app on your smartphone and entering the 6 digit Authentication Key displayed into the Authentication Key field on your PC/Desktop when prompted.

Is an e-token secure?

Similar to a wallet, your mobile phone is a personal item that contains confidential information and has the ability to provide additional security controls. Most smart devices allow you to set a password before the phone can be opened/accessed.

You should set a password in order to lock your phone and ensure that you do not save your details for logging into Rural Bank Internet Banking.

When selecting a 4 digit PIN or password for logging onto Internet Banking it’s recommended to use a unique set of numbers and not something that could be easily guessed, e.g. date of birth, sequence of numbers like 11111 or 1234. For additional security tips on how you can protect yourself online, please refer here for more information.

Will an e-token use my phone data?

Only the initial download and any updates that are required will use your phone data. Using the e-token to generate the Authentication Key does not require data or phone service.

What do I do if I have a new phone?

e-tokens are assigned to a specific phone. If you get a new phone you will need to download the e-token Symantec VIP Access app from your App store to the new phone:

App store logo

Then contact our Internet and Phone Banking team on 1300 651 839 to activate your new e-token.

How do I purchase a One-touch physical security token?

An e-token is a free digital option delivered via a smartphone app.

Alternatively you can purchase a One-touch physical token for $25. Please contact your local Rural Bank representative or contact the Rural Bank Customer Service Team on 1300 660 115.

Once purchased, it may take up to ten business days to receive the One-touch physical token via post.

Will I receive a Tax Invoice when I purchase a One-touch physical security token?

Yes, when you receive your One-touch physical token a tax invoice will be included.

What should I do if I lose my One-touch physical security token?

You can arrange replacement of a Security Token by contacting your local Rural Bank representative. Alternatively you can contact the Rural Bank Customer Service Team on 1300 660 115 for further advice.

If you lose your Security Token rest assured that it is of no use to anyone else unless they also have your Access ID and Password. That is why you must never disclose your Password to any person under any circumstances. Do not write your Password down or store it on your computer, phone or with your Security Token.

If you lose your Security Token, and it is activated for use at Logon, you won’t be able to access Rural Bank Internet Banking until you contact us on 1300 660 115 to organise alternate arrangements.

What do I do if my Security Token is not working?

Please contact our Internet and Phone Banking team on 1300 651 839.

Internet Banking security

Rural Bank is highly committed to providing a safe and secure online banking environment for customers. Learn more in our security section.

Bulk payments

If you have either a Seasonal Overdraft, Term Loan or AgriManager account you qualify to apply for the Bulk Payments service.

Once registered, you can access the Bulk Payments service from most Rural Bank transaction or savings accounts that have Internet Banking transaction access.

Bulk Payments allows customers who have compatible accounting or farm management software programs to create electronic payments to third parties. The payment file is created in the accounting or farm management software and is then exported into the Bank's Internet Banking service for settlement the next business day.

This allows customers to send multiple payments as one transaction. This service is typically beneficial to high transactional volume users.

To apply for the Bulk Payments service please complete an application form below and forward it to your local branch or to PO Box 3660, Rundle Mall SA 5000.


What are e-statements?

An e-statement is an electronic replica of your paper statement. Rural Bank Internet Banking provides you with 24/7 access to your e-statements.

Do I need to register for e-statements?

No, if you are a registered user of Rural Bank Internet Banking you will automatically have access to your e-statements.

How often will e-statements be provided?

e-statements will be provided to you at the same frequency that paper statements are issued for your account.

How can I access my e-statements?

You can access your e-statements by logging on to Rural Bank Internet Banking and clicking on “Statements” in the left hand navigation panel.

You will then be directed to a secure site where your e-statements can be downloaded.

Who can access the “Statements” link on Internet Banking?

To access and view Rural Bank e-statements via Internet Banking, you must:

  • have an active Rural Bank Internet Banking User ID;
  • be a signatory of your accounts;
  • have an account that produces a statement.

What options are available for receiving my statements?

If you are a registered user of Rural Bank Internet Banking you will automatically have access to your e-statements. You then have the option to:

  • ‘Opt out’ of receiving paper statements so that you access all your statements electronically via Internet Banking. This can be easily done via the Statement Options facility within Internet Banking. You will need to register an email address to which we will send a notification once your e-statements are available to view online (up to 3 addresses can be registered per account); or
  • Receive both paper statements and have access to e-statements – this is the default position and no action is required by you if you are happy to receive paper statements and e-statements.

Please note: If you wish to ‘opt out’ of receiving paper statements, you will need to register email address(es) and ‘opt-out’ of receiving paper statements for each of your accounts.

How do I ‘opt out’ of (switch off) paper statements?

To ‘opt out’ of receiving paper statements:

  1. log in to Rural Bank Internet Banking
  2. click on “Statements” in the left hand navigation panel
  3. click on the “Statement Options” tab
  4. select the account you wish to opt-out of receiving paper statements for
  5. select ‘electronic only’
  6. provide between 1 and 3 email addresses (it is mandatory to provide at least one)
  7. click ‘update’

Can I go back to receiving paper statements?

Yes, at any time you can ‘opt in’ to recommence receiving paper statements. This can be self-managed within Internet Banking as follows:

  1. click on the Statement Navigation > Statements Options tab
  2. select the account you wish to receive paper statements for
  3. select ”paper and electronic option”
  4. click ‘update’

Will the delivery of paper statements be impacted by the introduction of e-statements?

No, the introduction of e-statements will not cause any change to the delivery of paper statements. In fact, you may be able to view e-statements via Internet Banking before you receive your paper statements by post.

Can I view a previous statement?

Yes, the archive retrieval function will enable you to retrieve e-statements via Internet Banking dating back to May 2011.

Can I view and save an e-statement?

Yes, Internet Banking includes a facility which allows you to view and save e-statements in PDF format.

How do I view or change the email address(es) where notifications are sent?

Any authorised party on the account can change the email address to which the statement notification email is sent. At any time, you can review the nominated email address(es) via Rural Bank Internet Banking as follows:

  1. go to the Statement Navigation > Statements Options tab
  2. select the account you want to review or change the email address for
  3. if required, simply update the email address(es).

Will an e-statement be produced for a closed account?

No, e-statements will not be produced for closed accounts. Closed account statements are produced differently and will continue to be delivered as paper-based statements.

Who do I contact if I have a query regarding e-statements?

For all enquiries, please contact:

Rural Bank Customer Service Team on 1300 660 115 or

Rural Bank Phone and Internet Banking Support Team on 1300 651 839.

Mobile Banking

Our Rural Bank App gives customers the option to do their banking on farm, in town or on the move, when or where it suits. The Rural Bank App is fast, smart and secure, with a four-digit PIN or fingerprint login for quick access. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Customers using a different device can use Internet Banking on a mobile via the web browser. Visit the Rural Bank website from a mobile phone and click on Internet Banking.

We know that mobile coverage can be limited in some rural locations, so we’ve optimised our Internet Banking to allow customers to quickly download their banking information when they have coverage.


Data feeds and accounting packages

Rural Bank supports daily feeds of your transaction data to accounting packages. This information enables reconciliation of transactions from within your accounting software.

Once set up, your transaction data is sent daily to your accounting package.


Streamline your everyday account transactions through this innovative cloud-based accounting software.

To activate this service:

  • Download the application form from Xero click here.
  • Sign and email it to Xero.
  • Your feeds will start in 10 working days.

Further information

For further details on our Internet Banking service: