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Partnerships built on expertise and understanding to grow Australian agriculture.

Understanding the industries of our customers help to identify their unique business needs. Rural Bank has built products and services around Australia’s primary producing sector to provide specialised banking solutions. Shaping better business decisions on the farm for investment and growth.

Boldrewood Dairies

As a fourth-generation farmer, Mel McDonald, of Boldrewood Dairies, needed a bank who understood the day-to-day demands of running a dairy and complexities of succession planning. By partnering with Rural Bank, Mel and her family got the right results.

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Boldrewood Dairies
Boldrewood Dairies

So, this is my family farm.

We’re fourth generation farmers.

We do a lot of juggling and a lot of what are you doing today, and- what have you got on this week, and what’s happening next week.

Most farmers are used to and adapt to long hours.

The cows have to be milked twice a day, but no two days are the same, that’s for sure.

The business wouldn’t be what it is without Mel.

She works tirelessly in the background to keep the accounting under control.

She also volunteers not only on the Community bank board, the netball and footy club, ah school council president, which is amazing. But she’s also started this wonderful little boutique cake business

Mel and I are both very busy people, and the old saying is if you want something done give it to a busy person.

Yeah we’ve been incredibly lucky with the relationship we’ve had with the bank.
Mum and Dad moved off farm, and with a lot of help from the bank, we were able to finally conclude those succession plans to take over completely and buy mum and dad out.

Mel always says with the right ingredients you’ll get the right results, and Rural Bank get our business.

Jujube Australia

Ever heard of a jujube? We have, and soon you will too. Rural Bank helped Bernard McCarthy, Jujube Australia, with finance for a grading machine and cool room facilities, allowing the business to scale up. Getting the fruit to Aussie's in the best possible condition.

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Jujube Australia
Jujube Australia

Not many people know what a Jujube is when you first tell them that you’re a jujube farmer.

The jujube’s a small fruit it’s crunchy like an apple but it's around the size of a plum.

In the past has been a lot of relying on hand sorting, hand grading, now we're trying to find more efficient ways to be able to get the fruit out the door to the customer in the best possible condition.

We've invested in new technology, new machinery, to help us become more efficient.

That's critical for us to scale up to be able to meet the higher production that we're now generating.

Rural Bank was refreshing in that they understood the crop we were growing, they did some figures, they crunched the numbers, they looked at what we’d been doing and came up with an idea of what this crop was worth, not just the value of the land.

We knew at some point as we were increasing our scale we would need to move with technology to help us achieve that, and investing in this grading machine, new cool room facilities has been important to realise that.

Every year we expand, and Rural Bank’s there with us all the way.

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