Internet Banking

Welcome to Rural Bank

Over the coming weeks, your Rural Finance agribusiness account(s) will be transitioned to Rural Bank. Some of the main changes you will see include:

  • Your account(s) will adopt the Rural Bank name.
  • You will receive new BSB and account numbers, as well as new cards, cheque books and deposit books.
  • You will have access to new Rural Bank internet banking facilities and a mobile app.
  • You will see changes and improvements to the way you access your accounts and transact or make payments.

As always, we view our relationship as a partnership – we will keep you informed as we progress through the above steps and your Relationship Manager will be pleased to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Australian agriculture has a bright future and we look forward to working alongside you to help grow your business.

Alexandra Gartmann

Chief Executive and Managing Director


Since June 2014, Rural Finance has been operating alongside Rural Bank as part of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group.

We have a common passion for Australian agriculture and we are pleased to be coming together under the Rural Bank name to create and strengthen the country’s only Australian-owned agri-specialist bank.

We are pleased to welcome you to Rural Bank and share some information about the things we’re doing to bring our two unique businesses together:

  • Our Relationship Managers and local offices now proudly carry the Rural Bank name.
  • You will continue to be supported locally by the same team of familiar faces and benefit from our specialist knowledge and expertise.
  • You can look forward to more options to access your accounts, through improved internet banking, mobile banking and within Bendigo Bank and Community Bank® branches across the country.
  • Our scholarship and graduate programs will continue, as will our local partnerships and investments into the sector.
  • We will maintain our commitment to sharing insights into commodities, farmland values, weather and topical issues to help you make informed business decisions.

Direct Debits and Credits

What’s happening with my direct debits and credits?

A direct debit or credit is a transaction that automatically transfers money from one account to another. Direct debits and credits are typically used by farming customers for recurring payments such as sales of grain, milk or to other finance companies for leases etc.

These payments can be for a fixed amount or a variable amount; depending on the type of service you require.

Which payments will be automatically transferred?

Any payment that is already established with Rural Finance will be automatically transferred, for example:

  • Sweep payments such as term loan payments being made from your existing Rural Finance Agcess facility.
  • Autopay payments where term loan payments are debited from an external bank account.
  • PayAnyone payments that are set up within Rural Finance online banking, for things like paying wages to staff on a weekly basis or transferring funds to an external account.

We have also been able to automatically change the account details for any payment going to or coming from Rural Finance, Rural Bank, Bendigo Bank, or Bendigo Bank Equipment Finance.

Which companies will you need to contact to change your account details?

Where you have set up a direct debit or credit with a company you will need to advise them of your change of account details. This could be things like insurance payments, PayPal, or where you have money coming in from a supplier like Fonterra for a milk payment or GrainCorp for a grain payment.

What do you need to do?

We have provided you with a list of the companies that have existing direct debit or credit facilities in place, either through your Rural Finance Agcess Visa Card or your BSB and Account Number. While we have made every effort to identify those companies that you have received or paid a direct payment to/from in the last 12 months, we recommend that you check your own records to ensure that no payments are overlooked.

These companies will require your authorisation to change your account details. To make this more convenient, we have provided a letter template that you may wish to use.

For Rural Finance Agcess Visa Cards this will need to be done immediately to ensure these payments continue after the transition date.

For those that are set up with your BSB and Account number, we will ensure that any payments that have not been changed are directed to the correct account after your accounts are transitioned.

This process will remain in place until 1 March 2018. Please ensure that you have advised companies of the changes to your account details before then.

When do you need to do this?

You can now start updating any direct debits and credits with your new Rural Bank account(s) details. However your transitioned account(s) will not be active until 25 November 2017.

Please be mindful of this when changing your direct debits and credits so that payments to and from your accounts continue interupted.

Internet Banking

Rural Bank Internet Banking Password

When you first log in to Rural Bank internet banking you will need to use a temporary password. This will be the first 6 digits of your existing Rural Finance internet banking password with R4 at the end.

For example– If your existing Rural Finance password is 123456789, your temporary Rural Bank password will be 123456R4.

You will need to change your password when you first access internet banking as your temporary password is only available for 180 days.

Please note: If your temporary password expires, you will need to request a new password from our Customer Service team by calling 1300 660 115

Rural Bank PayOne lists

Existing PayAnyone (payment) details from your Rural Finance internet banking will be automatically transitioned.

Rural Bank Security Tokens

Your existing Rural Finance security token will be replaced with a free digital security token delivered via the Symantec VIP Access app. That is available for download from the App store/Google Play for both iOS and Android platforms. If you cannot use or access the digital security token and would prefer a physical token, this can be arranged by your Relationship Manager.

Please note:

  1. Once you have accessed Rural Bank internet banking you can decide when you will need your token e.g. to log on, make PayAnyone payments etc.
  2. Security tokens will be required for any new PayAnyone payments added after transition date.

An e-token is a free digital option delivered via a smartphone app called the Symantec VIP Access app. The app generates a 6 digit Authentication Key you can enter into e-banking when prompted to provide an Authentication Key.

It’s simple to download and get up and running.

You can download the app from their App store:

App store logo

Contact our Internet and Phone Banking team on 1300 651 839 to activate your e-token.

For more information about Rural Bank Security Tokens click here