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Australian Farmland Values

Ag Answers Australian Farmland Values 2015

About the report

The value of land underpins our farming businesses and rural communities. That’s why Rural Bank’s specialist insights division, Ag Answers, has produced the inaugural Australian Farmland Values 2015 report to provide farmers with valuable insights into the historical performance of agricultural land at a state and region specific level. Click on the map below to download your state summary.

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Australian Farmland Values 2015 report

The national median farmland price increased by 5.3% in 2015. This follows a 6.8% increase in 2014 and a 2.2% decrease in 2013.

The performance of farmland prices in different states was mixed in 2015. The median farmland price increased in Tasmania (+12.8%), Queensland (+3.3%), New South Wales (+10.2%) and Western Australia (+10.6%), but fell in Victoria (-2.3%), South Australia (-1.9%) and the Northern Territory (-6.4%) compared to the previous year.

In all states, the median price has trended higher over the past decade with average annual growth exceeding 3% in most states.

As inflation has run at 2.8% over the same period, this indicates real growth in farmland values. Although the median price has remained high over the past decade, the number of transactions* has trended lower.

For many farmers a 10-year investment horizon is short. Extend the investment horizon to 20 years and the farmland value growth picture becomes better still, with the median price in most states recording average annual growth above 5.5%.

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