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Rural Bank Insights

The Rural Bank Insights team provides research and analysis into commodities, farmland values, farm business performance and topical agricultural issues to support farmers in making good business decisions on the farm.

Rural Bank Insights Update - March 2020

Rural Bank provides a monthly analysis of production and pricing trends for Australian agriculture. Focusing on cattle, cropping, dairy, horticulture, sheep and wool, the Update provides producers with a timely overview of current trends and an outlook for the coming months.

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Australian Agriculture Outlook 2020

The Australian Agriculture Outlook 2020 looks at the driving forces impacting agricultural markets over the coming six months.

Rural Bank has analysed the performance of six industries – dairy, horticulture, beef, grains, sheep and wool – forecasting what is expected in the first half of 2020. Focusing on the future of supply, demand and price, the Outlook provides farmers the ability to evaluate each element of their industry to better understand the key drivers and challengers that will impact supply and demand. This depth of clarity provides farmers with a tool that can be used for scenario planning on farm.

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Australian Farmland Values 2019 report

The median price per hectare of Australian farmland increased by 10.7 per cent in 2018, marking the fifth consecutive year of growth.

Over time, we are seeing the number of farmland transactions decline. This may mean opportunities to expand become less frequent as fewer properties come on the market. Tightening access to suitable parcels of land, and increased competition for fewer parcels will play a role in driving increased values.

Across Australia the number of transactions declined 9.5 per cent year-on-year to 8,250 and saw a total of 8.7 million hectares of land transacted with a combined value of $8.99 billion.

Keeping in-line with the long-term trend, we expect farmland values will continue to rise, underpinned by strong demand for agricultural assets and increasing profitability of farming operations in an environment of low interest rates and strong commodity prices.

The report is available here.

National and Industry Reports

At Rural Bank, we recognise the importance of good information when backing farmers to make sound business decisions. We publish a range of national industry updates, state-specific reports into farmland values and performance, and papers into topical industry and policy issues.