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Vulnerable customer support

Providing extra care when you need it most

We understand that life throws us curveballs that sometimes we don't see coming. These curveballs can come at any one of us, in all sorts of situations and at different times in our lives.

Perhaps you have lost your job or grieving for a loved one, maybe it's your health that isn't the best or you’re going through a separation. Whatever that curveball is, it can leave you feeling vulnerable, lost and alone. Navigating your banking becomes hard and you may need a helping hand to manage this.

During these times, being able to chat to someone may help.


Face to face support

We encourage our customers to visit any of our branches to speak to our staff. Our front-line staff have been trained to not only recognise when a customer may be vulnerable, but also to understand how to respond and support our customers when they tell us they are vulnerable.


Telephone support

We have a specialised team dedicated to talk to our customers experiencing vulnerable situations. The team can assist to co-ordinate the support you need by ensuring you don’t have to tell your story more than once. Call 1300 023 583, 8:30 - 5:00pm Mon-Fri (AEST/AEDT) for that little bit of extra care you need right now.


Other support

If speaking to us about your personal circumstances doesn’t feel right, there's always services outside of the Bank that you may prefer to contact. 

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