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Regular payments

A regular payment is an agreement between a customer and a merchant to debit either a bank account or a card at a determined interval agreed by both parties. There are two types of regular payments - direct debit and recurring payment.


Regular payments from bank accounts

A 'direct debit' is an agreement or contract between a customer and a merchant (biller, supplier, service provider) that allows the merchant to debit the customer’s nominated bank account.

When you, as a customer, set up a direct debit you are setting up an agreement between yourself and the merchant. You give that merchant permission to electronically withdraw a nominated amount from your bank account on a date you request and at regular intervals. You will provide your bank account details (BSB and account number) to the merchant to allow them to debit your bank account regularly to pay for the services that they provide you.

For a transaction or savings account, you will nominate the bank account number you wish to use. If that bank account has a debit card attached to it, you may choose to use the debit card number.

Cancelling a direct debit

You can ask us to cancel your direct debit request and we will promptly do this.

You can provide this request by phone, in writing, or via secure email in Online Banking.

Once you have requested us to cancel your direct debit, you may also wish to contact the merchant to advise them that you are seeking to cancel your direct debit.


Regular payments from cards

'Recurring payments' are regular payments from your credit card account or from your debit card. This is where you give your credit card or debit card details (card number, expiry date and security code) to a merchant or supplier to allow them to charge your credit card regularly to pay for the services they provide you.

Cancelling a recurring payment

To cancel a recurring payment from your debit or credit card, you should contact the merchant at least 15 days before the next scheduled payment and keep a copy of the cancellation request.

If the merchant does not act in accordance with your instructions you may be able to dispute the transaction. Disputed transactions can be completed over the phone or requested via secure email in Online Banking.

Recurring payments and new cards

You will need to notify each merchant of the new card number. You may want to complete our regular payment letter template to help you with this.

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