Internet Banking

Internet Banking

What is Internet Banking?

Rural Bank’s Internet Banking provides secure online access to your Rural Bank accounts via any computer connected to the Internet. This allows you to complete your banking 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information on Internet Banking, visit our Internet Banking page.

How do I register for Internet Banking?

Before you are able to access Internet Banking, you must first register via our Internet and Phone Banking Support Service on 1300 651 839.

For more information on how to register for internet banking visit our Internet Banking page.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or comments regarding the Internet Banking Service?

If you encounter any problems with the service, or if you have any queries, you can contact Internet Banking Support Services by phoning 1300 651 839. A banking consultant will be more than happy to speak with you.

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

You may also send your queries via email to, or via a secure link using the Bank Mail feature available on Internet Banking.

Rural Bank's Internet Banking User Guide also provides answers and instructions on how to use its features.

How secure is Rural Bank Internet Banking?

Rural Bank is highly committed to providing a safe and secure online banking environment for customers. Learn more by visiting our Security section.

Can I open new accounts using Internet Banking?

Due to a number of factors, customers are not able to open accounts within the Internet Banking service. You may enquire about accounts using the Secure Email service, or contact our Customer Service Centre.

You can also apply online for savings and investment products via

Can I close accounts using Internet Banking?

You may request an account closure via Internet Banking’s Secure Mail service*. You should include the account number of the account to be closed and details of the account that you would like any remaining funds to be credited to.

Alternatively you may contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 660 115 or email

*Please note that card accounts cannot be closed until the card(s) attached to the account is/are returned.

What do I do if I forget my access ID and PIN?

The Internet Banking service allows customers three attempts to enter the correct access ID and PIN. If you do not succeed within three attempts, your account access is automatically blocked. In order to gain access to your account you will need to phone Internet Banking Support Services on 1300 651 839.

Once a service consultant has confirmed your identity, a temporary PIN will be provided for you to access the service. You are then required to select your own unique PIN, which should be used for subsequent login to Internet Banking.

How do I change my Rural Bank logon PIN?

You can change your Rural Bank Internet Banking logon PIN at any time via Internet Banking. For instructions on how to change your PIN, visit our Internet Banking Help section.

To maintain the security of your account, we recommend that you change your PIN regularly.

Can I use the same password for Phone and Internet Banking?

The access ID you are issued can be used to access both Phone and Internet Banking services, however the passwords are different. Phone Banking uses only numeric characters, while Internet Banking uses alphanumeric characters.

Can I allow other people to access my accounts via Internet Banking?

You may nominate a third party to be an authorised signatory on a bank account. Authorised Signatory access allows an authorised customer to operate and transact on your linked account(s) in the same way that you can.

Please remember that every individual customer will be issued with an access ID and PIN. Under no circumstances should your personal access ID and PIN be disclosed to a third party.

If you would like another person to have access to one or more of your accounts, phone Internet Banking Support Services on 1300 651 839, visit your local branch or email us at

Can I send a payment overseas?

With Rural Bank’s Internet Banking, you can only send payments to financial institutions within Australia*.

All payments to accounts outside of Australia are sent via International Funds Transfer, normal International Funds Transfer fees will apply. Please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 660 115, to request an International Funds Transfer**.

*Any financial institution identified with a valid BSB number.

**Fees and charges may apply. Please refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges

Are there any accounts that I can't transfer funds from?

Due to the nature of some accounts, namely Term Deposits, Term Loans, Harvest Loans and non-verified saving accounts, you will not be able to use Internet Banking.

How often are my account details updated?

Our Internet Banking service runs on 'real time' which means that account balances are updated immediately the transaction is effected

What is the 'Secure Mail' service?

Secure Mail is an email service that enables you to send account information and enquiries to our Customer Service Team in a confidential and secure manner. Your message will automatically include your Internet Banking Access ID, so that we can identify you properly.

Sending a Secure Mail message is easy, just follow the steps below.

Desktop Interent Banking

  • Once you are logged into Internet Banking simply select 'Support' from the side menu.
  • Click on 'Messages’ tab.
  • Click on 'Write a message’.
  • Write your request or enquiry.
  • Then click 'Send Message' to submit your message.

Rural Bank App

  • Once you are logged in, simply select 'More’ from the bottom menu, then ‘Support'.
  • Click on 'Messages’ tab.
  • Click on 'Write a message’.
  • Write your request or enquiry.
  • Then click 'Send Message' to submit your message


For more information on our ‘Secure Email’ service visit the Internet Banking Help section on Secure Email.

What is the 'Payments' feature?

This feature allows customers to set up, review, and make payments to third parties using the Bill Payment, Pay Anyone or Bulk Payments services. This is a convenient way of managing payments to third parties.

For further information about how to make a payment refer to the Help section in Internet Banking.

What is the Bill Payment (BPAY) Service?

The Bill Payment Service offers you the convenience of being able to pay your bills at any time and from anywhere you wish, 24 hours a day. BPAY enables you to make payments to over 3,500 registered billers. You do not need to register to use BPAY you simply need to have a bill that has the biller details present (including biller code and reference number).

You have the option of selecting immediate, future, or recurring Bill Payments.

For more information of Rural Bank’s Bill Payment (BPAY) service, visit the Internet Banking Help Section

What is the 'Authorisations' feature?

This feature allows customers to set up, review, and make payments to third parties using the Bill Payment, Pay Anyone or Bulk Payments services. This is a convenient way of managing payments to third parties.

If you have payments requiring your approval, an orange circle will appear next to the 'Activity' menu. Click on 'Activity' then click on 'Upcoming' to review and authorise pending payments.

What mobile devices can I use for Interent Banking?

The Rural Bank App is designed with smart phones in mind is avaialbe on iPhone and Android apps.

However, the Rural Bank App can be used on any device such as tablet and laptop.

Customers who have Windows, Blackberry or other smart phones alternatives to iPhone and Android can access Internet Banking by logging on via the Rural Bank website.

Rural Bank continues to monitor trends in mobile phone usage, and adapts the platforms that it is available on based on these trends. Currently, the vast majority of our customers use iPhone or Android devices for which the Rural Bank App is available.

Can I download an app for Internet Banking?

Yes. You can download the stylish Rural Bank App at the App Store (iPhones) or Google Play (Android). It’s free to download and is easy to use.

I have the Rural Bank App on my mobile/tablet device. How do I access any updates to the app?

If you have enabled automatic app updates on your device, as soon as a new version of our  app becomes available it will automatically update. If you have not enabled automatic app updates on your device you’ll be able to access the changes to our app by going to the App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users) and updating your current Rural Bank App.

How do I know what Rural Bank App version I have?

Once you have logged on to the app, tap on the 'Settings' icon. The app version number will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Can I use a Four-digit PIN for Internet Banking?

Yes, but it is only available in the Rural Bank App, not when using Internet Banking via your internet browser. You can set up a Four-digit PIN the first time you use the app, or during a later session by clicking on ‘Settings’. You can also change the PIN via settings.

Can I make bulk payments from the Rural Bank App?

No. You will need to logon to via the Rural Bank website to make Bulk Payments.
We are continually striving to improve our Internet Banking and we will make updates based on feedback from our customers.

What do I do if my mobile phone is lost, stolen, broken, or replaced?

Contact Rural Bank on 1300 651 839 to de-register from the internet Banking Four-digit PIN function.
If your mobile phone is subsequently recovered you will need to re-register for the Four-digit PIN function by logging on to Internet Banking via the Rural Bank App, and entering your Access ID, Password, and Authentication Key if you’re a Security Token holder.

How do I set up my Four-digit PIN in the Rural Bank App?

The Four-digit PIN feature is only available within our iOS (Apple) and Android apps.

What do I do if I forget my four-digit PIN with the Rural Bank App

You will have to login again using your Access ID, Password, and Security Token where necessary (see instructions below).

Once logged in you will be able to go through the Four-digit PIN setup process again.

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu item within the app
  • Select ‘Forgot My PIN’
  • Enter your traditional credentials when prompted i.e. Access ID, Password, and Security Token if required.
  • Opt to set up Four-digit PIN when prompted
  • Enter a new Four-digit PIN when prompted
  • Enter the new Four-digit PIN again to confirm

The Four-digit PIN has now been changed for this device (and all other devices)

Please note: You may choose not to set up another Four-digit PIN and continue to use Internet Banking on your app. You will simply be required to use your Access ID, Password, and Security Token where necessary.

Can I use more than on device to access my Four-digit PIN?

Yes. To have Four-digit PIN access on more than one device you need to use the same PIN.

When using the Rural Bank App, how do I remove a device from my Four-Digit PIN enabled devices list?

Navigate to the Main Settings Menu then select Manage Devices. From here you will be able to remove any device registered with the Four-Digit PIN service.

When using the Rural Bank App, how do I enable the Quick Balances feature?

There are two ways to enable Quick Balances.

After updating your app to the latest version, you may be presented with a welcome screen inviting you to enable quick balances. Follow the prompts to enable Quick Balances, or alternatively tap ‘skip for now’ to opt in at another time.

If you choose to opt in another time, or have not seen the welcome screen, simply go into settings and select ‘Enable Quick Balances’. Follow the prompts and select which accounts you’d like to link to the Quick Balances feature.

When using the Rural Bank App, can I change which accounts are linked to the Quick Balances feature?

Yes, you can change them as many times as you want.  Simply go in to the Main Settings Menu or the Account Settings Menu and select Quick Balances Settings to change the accounts on display.

Updating your Quick Balances Settings will automatically update the accounts balances displayed on the Rural Bank App login page

Can I hide the account graphs and charts on the Accounts page of Internet Banking?

Yes, just click on ‘hide graph’ located at the bottom of the graph area. Your preferences will be saved for future Internet Banking sessions and can be managed in your account settings.

Is there a maximum number of transactions that will be presented on the Account graphs?

Yes. A maximum of 20 transactions are displayed. This is dependent on the device width and the number of transactions you have performed e.g. A new account may have less than 20 transactions.

Am I able to download my transactions?

Yes. Transaction Download is available within Internet Banking. Please note that this feature is not available on our Rural Bank App.

Can I cancel or edit an upcoming transactions?

Future-dated payment options allow you to create and cancel a one-off future dated transfer, BPAY or Pay Anyone payment. You can also create and cancel a recurring transfer, BPAY or Pay Anyone payment.

How can I access e-statements and turn off paper?

You can elect to switch to e-statements and stop receiving paper statements in two ways:
  • Switch multiple accounts at once: Log in > account settings icon (top right) > edit statement preferences > select accounts > add email address and save.
  • Switch a single account: Log in > tap on your account > account settings icon (top right) > statement preferences > go paperless > add email address and save.
To view your e-statements online:
Log in > select account > select statements > select on year > select on statement date and view.

Can I print Internet Banking information?

You can use the Print button on certain screens or use File > Print in your web browser to print receipts, transaction listings and more. You may also download your e-Statements for a record of your transaction and print the PDF document.