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Rural Bank Insights Update

The November update provides an analysis of production and pricing trends for Australian horticulture producers. It provides producers with a timely overview of current trends and an outlook for the coming months. The highlights include:

  • Stone fruit production and exports are forecast to increase this season, driven by higher yielding varieties and rising demand from China.
  • Supply growth is keeping pressure on Australian avocado prices.

(PDF, 2.6MB)


Australian Horticulture Price Update - Summer 2019

The Ag Answers insights team have developed a snapshot of price trends for summer horticulture categories, including tropical fruit, berries, grapes, leafy vegetables and nightshade vegetables such as capsicums and chillies.

(PDF, 3.3MB)




Australian Horticulture Annual Review

Fruit and vegetable prices to sprout in 2018

This year's Australian Horticulture Annual Review has been released and forecasts most fruit and vegetable prices across Australia are expected to rise in 2018.

The Review finds that Australian fruit and vegetable price indices are forecasted to grow by up to 10 per cent and seven per cent respectively in 2018.

Categories such as avocados, oranges, mandarins, bananas and broccoli are all positioned to perform well in terms of price, demand and supply.

(PDF, 3.1MB)


Australian Horticultural Update August 2017

Ag Answers has released the August Horticulture Update with increases recorded across the board for the June quarter.

  • > The Vegetable Price Index was up just over 11%
  • > Domestic apple consumption has increased by 17% since 2014
  • > The total value of nut exports grew by 14% during January to May 2017

With the exception of avocados, raspberries, watermelon and bananas, the price table shows some decreases since this time last year.

Broccoli is a shining light for both domestic and export demand, leading to positive outlook for price.

(PDF, 600KB)


Australian Horticultural Report March 2017

Australian horticulture producers have started the year on the back of a positive 2016, which saw increased yields and higher prices.

The Australian Horticulture Report presents information about national and international production, seasonal conditions, prices, demand and the financial performance of Australia’s horticulture sector.

(PDF, 1MB)


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