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Rural Bank Scholarships

Rural Bank’s 2020 Scholarship Program is now closed.

Rural Bank has an ongoing focus on supporting youth in agriculture by providing financial support in the form of scholarships to first-time undergraduate students. Scholarship recipients have chosen subject areas which will enable them to contribute to the Australian agricultural industry and/or rural and regional communities.

Scholarships provide each successful student with funding to the value of $5,000 to assist with his or her tertiary studies. The funding aims to support study-related expenses covering such things as accommodation costs, course costs, study materials and equipment, textbooks or tutoring.

You can meet our incredible 2019 scholarship recipients here

Stay tuned for details about our 2021 Scholarship program.



What qualifies as a 'degree' course and what tertiary providers are covered?
For the purpose of this program, a degree course is an undergraduate course provided by an accredited and registered Australian tertiary provider (university or college), usually three or four years in duration. Anything below degree level, such as a Diploma or Certificate, is ineligible.

Does the Rural Bank Scholarship only cover certain study subjects?
The only restriction is that you must be able to demonstrate how your studies will contribute to supporting the Australian agricultural industry.

Part of my studies will include a period of study at an overseas university. Am I still eligible?
You are still eligible to apply for this scholarship as long as your course is primarily undertaken at an Australian University. Please detail this information in your application.

When to apply

If I complete Year 12 In 2020, but intend to defer tertiary studies for a year, should I apply now?
No, we suggest you apply for the 2022 program as the 2021 program requires study to commence in 2021.

If I was un-successful in 2020, can I apply again in 2021?
No, as the Rural Bank Scholarship Program is only available to first-year students. If you take a gap year in 2020 and will be undertaking your first-year in 2021, you may apply for the 2021 Scholarship Program.

Scholarship funding

Is the scholarship funding only for one year?
Initially, funding will be provided for one year, however, funding may be provided to cover a second year, dependent on proof of academic performance.

Is the scholarship funding counted as income for taxation purposes?
We do not offer taxation advice regarding the scholarship so we suggest you obtain professional advice on this matter.

How are the scholarship funds paid?
Scholarship payments are paid directly to the successful student to be used for payment of study related expenses.


What if I am not comfortable about providing information about my personal circumstances?
All information is kept secure and is reviewed by a small selection team. Being a financial institution, we are very aware of privacy and we are also aware of the sensitivity of the information you are providing us with and will treat it with the utmost care. The more information you are able to give us will make your application stronger when being assessed against other applications we receive. As this is a large part of the criteria, we cannot stress enough how important it is to be honest and provide as much information as possible.

Change in circumstances

If I receive a scholarship but then defer my course for a year, can I still receive the scholarship funding when I recommence my study?
Unfortunately no, as we cannot 'hold over' funds. We ask that you notify us immediately if your plans change.

What happens if my first year of study does not go well or I quit my studies before the end of the year?
You are required to let us know of any change in circumstances. We reserve the right to withdraw funding, but will endeavour to discuss all options with you.

Contact us

If I have further questions regarding the Rural Bank Scholarship Program, who should I contact?
Please contact our Scholarships Team by emailing or by phoning 1300 660 115.

If I have difficulties with the online application process, who should I contact?
Please contact our scholarship administrator (Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation™) by emailing or by phoning 1300 304 541.



Rural Bank Agribusiness Scholarships are provided by Rural Bank and administered by the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited Scholarship Program. Rural Bank is a division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178, AFSL 237879,  The Bendigo Centre, Bendigo VIC 3550.