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Scholarship Alumni 

Our Scholarship Alumni program commenced in 1992 and continues to grow with 181 students past and present, who were either recipients of Rural Bank or Rural Finance Scholarships.

Members of this alumni have completed or are undertaking tertiary studies with a view to pursuing a career in agriculture or allied industry such as consultancy, research, marketing, health or law.

Many scholarship alumni have achieved commendable success in their chosen field of endeavour. Most have gone on to be important contributors to agriculture and rural communities as they initially planned to do, while others still remain passionately committed to agriculture despite having pursued different career paths to those originally planned.

The objective of the Scholarship program has always been to foster excellence in agriculture and to encourage the best young minds in agriculture to pursue further education and development. Collectively the group represents an exceptional resource of accumulated knowledge and experience.


All current and past Rural Finance and Rural Bank Scholarship recipients are automatically invited to become members of the Alumni. Every endeavour has been made to maintain a current contact list for all past recipients and members are encouraged to maintain contact with our organisation for ongoing networking opportunities.

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