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Ag Answers is a specialist insights division of Rural Finance and Rural Bank. Ag Answers provides research and analysis into commodities, farmland values, farm business performance and topical agricultural issues to support farmers in making good business decisions on the farm.

Australian Wool Update 2017

Wool prices have begun strongly in 2017, with fine and medium wool prices eclipsing five-and-a half year highs.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 662KB) | Published 23 February 2017

Australian Crop Update 2017

Expected to exceed 53 million tonnes, the 2016/17 harvest is set to be the highest on record and 34 per cent higher than last season.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 660KB) | Published 10 February 2017

Australian Cattle Report 2017

The majority of Australian cattle producers will enter 2017 in a good position after receiving high prices in 2016.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 665KB) | Published 25 January 2017

Australian Beef and Cattle Report 2016

The Ag Answers December 2016 Australian Cattle and Beef Update reports that the tightening of cattle supplies across Australia has protected domestic markets from softening international prices, and resulted in another year of record high cattle prices.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 1.5MB) | Published 1 December 2016

Australian Crop Update November 2016

Harvest has commenced in many cropping regions, and the Ag Answers Australian Crop Update reviews what can be expected from the 2016 harvest.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 1.5MB) | Published 16 November 2016

Australian Sheep Update October 2016

The October 2016 Australian Sheep Update provides producers and industry with a concise summary of trends impacting the Australian sheep sector, including analysis of rainfall, price, production and global and domestic demand.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 626KB) | Published 27 October 2016

Australian Agri-food trade 2015/16 report

The inaugural Ag Answers Australian Agri-food Trade 2015/16 report provides in-depth analysis into Australia’s agri-food trade performance across nine sectors – cattle and beef, crops, wool and cotton, sheep, milk and milk products, wine, horticulture, sugar and seafood.
  Download (PDF, 328KB) | Published 7 October 2016

Australian Cattle Update 2016

The cattle industry sits in a tug-of-war between strong domestic demand for tightening supplies, and softening international markets.
  Download (PDF, 689KB) | Published 7 September September 2016

Australian Sheep and Wool Update 2016

The report indicates that Australian lamb and mutton prices and export demand are expected to remain strong this year. Similarly, wool prices have maintained gains made during 2015 and export trends appear set to continue.
  Download (PDF, 967KB) | Published 14 July 2016

Farmland Values 2015

The Australian Farmland Values report provides valuable insights into the historical performance of agricultural land at a state and region specific level.
  Download (PDF, 4MB) | Published 2 June 2016

Changes to the Farm Management Deposit Scheme - What you need to know

The Australian Parliament has passed legislation boosting the Farm Management Deposit scheme, with the changes likely to take effect from 1 July 2016. Here, we present the changes and what they mean.
  Download (PDF, 194KB) | Published 6 May 2016

Southern Beef Special

The Southern Australia Beef Special Report provides statistics and analysis of key factors affecting the beef industry in Victoria and New South Wales.
  Download (PDF, 376KB) | Published 22 January 2016

Livestock Farm Monitor Project

The Livestock Farm Monitor Project analyses analyses the financial performance of 75 farms in Victoria's key livestock regions of South West Victoria, Gippsland and Northern Victoria and is delivered by the Victorian State Government in conjunction with Rural Finance and Rural Bank.
  Download (PDF, 1.8MB) | Published 13 November 2015

2015 National Crop Update

As harvest gets underway around the country, the Ag Answers National Crop Update reviews what can be expected from the 2015 harvest.
  Download (PDF, 5.6MB) | Published 29 October 2015

2015 National Sheep and Wool Update

High commodity prices and a lower Australian dollar, combined with a buoyant wool market and renewed international demand for Australian lamb, has produced a positive outlook for the Australian sheep industry.
  Download (PDF, 2.62MB) | Published 16 July 2015

Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper

On 4 July 2015, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, launched the Commonwealth’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper. This fact sheet outlines the Paper’s five key priority areas and what the actions would practically mean for farmers.
  Download (PDF, 200KB) | Published 9 July 2015

Western Australian Farmland Values Index 2014

The report highlights that the Western Australian farmland property sector remains resilient, with median land values increasing slightly in 2014, up 0.8% following a 7.3% decrease in 2013. The figures, tracking the price of Western Australian agricultural land since 1993, show that Western Australian farmland values have on average grown 4.8% per annum since 2000, with average annual inflation over the same period at 2.7%.
  Download the report (PDF, 2.97MB) | Published 27 May 2015

National Beef Update

The National Beef Update provides producers and industry with a state-by-state analysis of the Australian beef sector.
  Download the report (PDF, 2.90MB) | Published 25 May 2015

Victorian Farmland Values Index 2014

The report extract highlights that the Victorian farmland property sector remains buoyant, with median land values growing by 4.4 per cent in 2014, following a 12% increase in 2013. The full version, which includes a comprehensive examination of sales and value trends in agricultural land by region, is available for purchase at $110 per copy (including GST). Please contact the Ag Answers team on 1300 796 101 or email
  Download (PDF, 921KB) | Published 15 April 2015

Weekly Economic Commentary

Each week, Rural Bank Treasury publishes a newsletter on current economic data and impacts on local market activity, including interest rates. The weekly report comprises of:

  • An economic data roundup for the week
  • Key data releases for the coming week
  • Economic commentary, including currency and equities positions
  • Interest rate positions
  • A Chart of the Week

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