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Ag Answers is a specialist insights division of Rural Finance and Rural Bank. Ag Answers provides research and analysis into commodities, farmland values, farm business performance and topical agricultural issues to support farmers in making good business decisions on the farm.

Australian Crop Annual Review 2018

Drought and dry conditions have resulted in Australian winter crop production falling to the lowest levels in a decade
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 2MB) | Published 29 October 2018

Australian Agricultural Trade Annual Review 2017/18

Australian agri-food exports have grown for the eighth consecutive year
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 2MB) | Published 19 September 2018

Australian Dairy Annual Review

This year's Australian Dairy Annual Review forecasts a positive outlook for growth and profitability in the sector
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 2.5MB) | Published 14 August 2018

Australian Lamb and Sheep Meat Annual Review

2018 outlook for lamb and sheep meat industry remains positive.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 2.5MB) | Published 6 July 2018

Australian Farmland Values 2017

This year’s report shows that Australian farmland values continued to rise in 2017.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 5.11MB) | Published 1 June 2018

Australian Wool Annual Review 2018

Aussie wool to continue to ride high.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 2MB) | Published 4 April 2018

Australian Horticulture Annual Review 2018

Fruit and vegetable prices across Australia are expected to rise in 2018.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 3.1MB) | Published 20 February 2018

Australian Wool Update December 2017

Australian wool growers are receiving some of the best returns that they have had in decades...
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 776KB) | Published 11 December 2017

Australian Cattle Annual Review 2017

Cattle prices to settle above long term average in late 2018.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 4MB) | Published 23 November 2017

Australian Dairy Update November 2017

Despite softening global dairy prices, the volume of Australian milk powder exports have increased.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 692KB) | Published 31 October 2017

Australian Sheep Update October 2017

Exports have increased 24 per cent year-on-year, driven by the value of lamb exports.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 675KB) | Published 23 October 2017

Australian Crop Annual Review 2017

National crop production forecast to reduce by a third.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 2.2MB) | Published 13 October 2017

Australian Agriculture Trade Performance 2016/17 Report

Total value of Australian agriculture exports increases for the seventh consecutive year.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 418KB) | Published 27 September 2017

Australian Horticulture Update August 2017

The Vegetable Price Index was up just over 11%.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 600KB) | Published 18 August 2017

Australian Sheep Annual Review

The Australian sheep industry is continuing to go from strength to strength off the back of increased prices, production and exports.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 1.1MB) | Published 7 August 2017

Australian Cattle Update August 2017

The Australian cattle industry is now sitting in a position not seen since 2014
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 650KB) | Published 4 August 2017

Australian Farmland Values Report 2016

This year’s findings underline the resounding strength of Australian farmland value.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 1.7MB) | Published 15 May 2017

Australian Horticultural Report 2017

Australian horticulture producers have started the year on the back of a positive 2016, which saw increased yields and higher prices.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 1.2MB) | Published 23 March 2017

Australian Wool Update 2017

Wool prices have begun strongly in 2017, with fine and medium wool prices eclipsing five-and-a half year highs.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 662KB) | Published 23 February 2017

Australian Crop Update 2017

Expected to exceed 53 million tonnes, the 2016/17 harvest is set to be the highest on record and 34 per cent higher than last season.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 660KB) | Published 10 February 2017

Australian Cattle Report 2017

The majority of Australian cattle producers will enter 2017 in a good position after receiving high prices in 2016.
PDF Icon  Download (PDF, 665KB) | Published 25 January 2017

Weekly Economic Commentary

Each week, Rural Bank Treasury publishes a newsletter on current economic data and impacts on local market activity, including interest rates. The weekly report comprises of:

  • An economic data roundup for the week
  • Key data releases for the coming week
  • Economic commentary, including currency and equities positions
  • Interest rate positions
  • A Chart of the Week

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