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Nathan Stark

Nathan Stark

From student to Ag Achievers Graduate
March 2018 | By Nathan Stark

I began my journey in the Ag Achievers Program this year. As a student, I was looking for a graduate program which would give me:

  • The ability to help farmers and rural communities.
  • Exposure to different areas within a business.
  • A strong development focus and mentoring network.

A month into the program and I’ve already been involved in finalising a launch of a first-of-its-kind product, which will help famers achieve their goals. I’ve attended the 2018 Thriving Women in Ag conference to gain greater knowledge about diversity, and educating and promoting young people to become farmers (which can keep community alive in parts of Australia). Even as a graduate you have the chance to make a real difference to people, families, or communities.

Despite being here such a short time I’ve been exposed to several parts of the business:

  • In Treasury I was gained insight into how a bank manages its finances, sets interest rates, and successfully meets regulator standards.
  • In Credit I was learnt how to process loans while gaining knowledge about client structures, security requirements, and credit ratings of customers.
  • On a farm visit we were able to interact with a customer, learn about their family’s operations, and gain a greater understanding about agriculture.

For the next three months I will be a part of the customer and partner solutions team, working with key internal stakeholders to enhance the customer experience and facilitate business growth by calibrating with our distribution partners.

While a lot has happened in my first month as a graduate, the friendly culture has allowed me to quickly build a great support network and help is always there when I ask for it. I’m already experiencing everything I wanted out of a graduate program so it really excites me on what the future has in store for me at Rural Bank.

If you’re thinking of applying to the program I definitely recommend it and wish you the best of luck.


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