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Sophie Burdett

Day in life July 2020

Sophie Burdett | Mon, 20 Jul 2020

6:20 am
Time to rise and shine. A quick breakfast, coffee and time to catch up on the daily news.

Time to pack my lunch and get ready for the day.

7:30 am
It’s time to leave my apartment and walk around the corner to the bus station.

8:15 am

Arrive at work and start up my computer and it’s a great time to catch up with everyone who is in the office. Currently, the office is a bit quieter than usual, with a large portion of staff working from home.

I check my emails and double check my calendar to see if I have any training sessions or meetings on for the day. If I do, I normally make sure I have everything prepared (notes, questions and/or any tasks that I needed to complete ahead of time). I then create a bit of a to – do list of jobs or training modules I can do if I have any spare time throughout the day.

9:00 am
For my current rotation I am working alongside the Lending Operations team, so around 9:00 am I usually head over to where the team in Brisbane sits and see what they have planned for me for the day.

For the first part of my rotation I have been spending a large portion of my time with Betty in Brisbane, today Betty is completing a settlement.

The first part of the morning is when the mail is collected and any incoming signed documents are checked for signatures, whiteout and that the required sections have been filled in correctly. These documents are then scanned and emailed to the corresponding person. Normally these documents would just be handed to the person who they are addressed to, however with a large portion of our office working from home, they are now checked and then scanned.

As a result of Covid 19, I have been fortunate enough to be able to work both with the Lending Operations team in Brisbane and remotely with the Operations team down in Bendigo. This has been amazing as it has allowed me to experience and learn things that I would not have previously learned in Brisbane alone.

10:00 am
Time for a quick coffee break and then back to preparing the documents for Betty’s settlement.

12:30 pm
Its lunch time.

1:30 pm
Today we have the All Staff Forum, which is a webinar where everyone in the business has the option to join in for a virtual meeting. It is a nice way to see what other departments are working on or what they have achieved over the past few months.

Betty also has to attend her settlement at 2:30 pm, however, I am not going with her as after the All Staff Forum, Bec has organised an introduction with Samantha Dowling, who is Head of Strategic Partnerships, to introduce the grads to the community banking side of Rural and Bendigo Bank.

3:00 pm
Time for the ‘On the couch’ session with Sam, Bec and the other grads.

Sam informed us all on how Bendigo Bank helps to support community growth, with initiatives like providing support to local sporting clubs. I really enjoy these sessions, not only because we get to meet new people within the business but because it allows us to develop a better understanding of the many different departments of the Bank and how they all work together.

4:00 pm
3:00 pm The last hour Betty is just showing me what she needs to do post settlement and showing me her workflow and what stages each of her documents are at and what the next stages are. It has been great working alongside Betty, as she has been able to show me a range of documents and how they are processed and the ins and outs of what is required to complete deals and requests from behind the scenes.

5:00 pm
Home time!

Day in life

Sophie Burdett | Sun, 01 Mar 2020

5:10 am
An early start this morning: my usual morning would start around 6:20 am with a nice morning walk before getting ready for the day, however today the Credit and Lending team from Rural Bank in Brisbane have been invited to attend the Herron Todd White Rural breakfast.

6:00 am
Time to leave my house and take the short five-minute walk to my bus station. Luckily for me I live just outside of the city so it’s only a short ten-minute bus trip into work each day.

6:40 am
Time to leave the office and head over to the Herron Todd White Rural Breakfast.

The breakfast aims to provide several businesses with key market updates across various areas such as property prices and cattle prices. The information presented at the breakfast was by several industry professionals and was both engaging and informative.

7:00 am
We have all signed in and are seated at our table eagerly awaiting to hear about current market trends and the predictions for the future. I found this breakfast to be very insightful, as it gave me an insight into not only what the current key markets are doing and how this may affect our clients, but also why.

9:00 am
After the breakfast, my rotation leader (Greg Brown, Regional Head of Credit – Eastern Australia) gave me a series of questions that related back to the breakfast presentation and included questions that credit managers ask themselves when they are assessing applications.

After I had thought about and developed answers to Greg’s questions, Greg, Terry (a Credit and Lending Manager) and myself went into a meeting room to discuss my answers and how I would use the knowledge gained form the breakfast when making decisions in a credit and lending role. We also discussed the importance of this knowledge when making decisions.

Attending the breakfast and then having the follow up questions and discussions with Greg and Terry allowed me to understand that there is a lot more to consider when assessing an application than just the current financial figures that are presented before you. Lending managers need to be up to date with activity across their clients’ markets in order to make accurate decisions.

10:30 am
Normally around 10:15 am Greg will stop the team and we all leave our computers and go and have morning tea together. This is a time for us all to connect with each other and discuss non work-related topics and most importantly it is time for coffee. However, due to the breakfast this morning we only had a quick morning tea.

After morning tea it’s back to work. This morning I am busy entering in financials that have been sent through by an Agribusiness Relationship Manager, to an Agribusiness Relationship Assistant who is based in the Brisbane office. Today’s set of financials were a little more complicated than usual as there were several different entities that were involved. Luckily, I have Paul (Agribusiness Relationship Assistant) sitting right beside me, available to lend a helping hand whenever I need it.

12:30 pm
Lunchtime! I usually bring a packed lunch, but on Fridays I like to pop to the food court next door and pick something different to try each week.

1:30 pm
The remainder of the afternoon was business as usual, updating and entering financials and assessing applications. I am incredibly fortunate that in my current rotation I have access to several roles throughout Rural Bank, this exposure allows me to see and experience what occurs across various stages of the business. If I am not entering in financials by myself or with Paul, I am working alongside the people in the credit and lending team and working through applications with them.

5:00 pm
Home time! After a massive week of interacting with clients, attending meetings and learning new skills its finally time for a relaxing weekend.

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